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Beluga Lentils

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$14.50 2.2 lb


Black beluga lentils are called such because when cooked they resemble the eggs of the beluga whale. Unlike some other lentil varieties, black beluga don't turn mushy when cooke green lentils are a good substitute if you can't find beluga lentils. You can also use brown lentils, which are sold at most grocery stores, but to avoid overcooking check for 15 minutes. Serve this salad as a side dish or a starter, or serve atop a bed of mixed greens or spinach as a main dish.

2.2 pound (1 kilogram)

Ingredients: Beluga lentils, raw – May contain traces of gluten, soy and sesame

Packaging: Plastic Bag

Flavor: Pleasant
Color: Black

Product of Italy


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Beluga Lentils