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Corona Beans

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Corona Beans delle Langhe are large, hearty, cream-colored beans whose skins stay whole when cooked. This large white bean is a member of the runner family phaseolus coccineus.

Dried corona beans are already about half as large as the typical white runner, and when cooked, they almost triple in size - This is one reason this heirloom bean has often been called the "poor man's meat".

Suggestions: Often used as a substitute for meat, they have layers of flavor, are complemented wonderfully by the spicy qualities of Tuscan olive oil, and are great in tomato sauces.

2.2 pound (1 kilogram)

Ingredients: White corona beans, raw - May contain traces of gluten, soy and sesame

Packaging: Plastic Wrap

Flavor: Nutty
Color: Cream

Product of Italy


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Corona Beans