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Salami Felino Veroni DOP

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$28.50 14 oz


The only Original Salami Felino D.O.P. in the USA!

Since 1925, the Veroni family has been handcrafting salami in the the northern hills of Italy. Four generations have upheld the same original recipes of gourmet mortadella, artisanal roasted hams and slow aged salami!

Many US companies have tried to replicate the King of Salami, but now we are here to introduce the real Felino D.O.P. from Parma by Veroni!

14 ounce (397 gram) - WEIGHT APPROXIMATES

Ingredients: Pork, sea salt, sugar, black pepper, sodium nitrite, potassium nitrate, lactic acid starter culture, white pepper, garlic powder

Packaging: Vacuum-sealed Plastic

Region: Parma

Product of Italy


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Salami Felino Veroni DOP