Felino Volpi Salami 2.2 lb

Felino Volpi Salami 2.2 lb


Felino is a slow-aged, ancient recipe from Italy, the "King" of salami has a dazzling flavor, rich with peppercorns and wine. Volpi crafts foods with care, they are the only Midwestern specialty foods company that makes their own dry-cured meats, letting nature perfect each flavor in their authentic recipes. There are no artificial processes.

Suggestion: Slice thick with country-style crusty bread, Parmigiano Reggiano and red wine.

2.2 lb (1 kilogram) - WEIGHT APPROXIMATES

Packaging: Vacuumed-sealed Plastic

Ingredients: Pork, sea salt, cane sugar, spices, natural flavoring, garlic, chianti red wine, lactic acid starter culture

Product of U.S.A.

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