\'Nduja Hot Spreadable Salami 1 lb

'Nduja Hot Spreadable Salami 1 lb


'Nduja is a spicy spreadable Calabrian style salami. This domestic product is the most authentic outside of Calabria. Nduja is a soft and spicy spreadable salami considered to be one of the most famous of typical calabrian foods. Nduja originates from Spilinga, and its name comes from the french word "andouille" which means "sausage". Nduja is made with pork meat, a bit of fat, salt and a lot of red pepper. Nduja is often considered an aphrodisiac food due to all of the red pepper in it, and is also great for the heart and tastes wonderful.

Suggestion: Enjoy Nduja spread on bread or toast on its own or complement with some fresh ricotta or burrata. May also be used with grilled, roasted or seared meat or fish. Warm and brush on right before serving.

1 pound (450 gram) - WEIGHT APPROXIMATES

Ingredients: Pork, spices, sea salt, lactic acid starter culture

Packaging: Vacuumed-sealed Plastic

Product of U.S.A.

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