Ventresca di Tonno Callipo 4.4 Oz each

Ventresca di Tonno Callipo 4.4 Oz each


Ventresca Callipo. Solid Light Tuna Underbelly in Olive Oil- Gold ReservePrice per 4.4 Oz . The Soft  part from selected Yellowfin Tuna (Ventresca) in olive oil are made from the ventral muscle band, the better part of the Tuna, processing entirely by hand.

After being fished, this yellow-fin tuna is processed from fresh in the Maierato (VV) plant, where it undergoes the entire one-day processing cycle, from the selection of the pieces to the cleaning, from the steam cooking to the packaging, whilst fully respecting the antique handcrafted tradition.

Callipo is a family-owned company that uses premium-quality yellow-fin tuna. Since 1913, Callipo has been a leading producer of Mediterranean tuna and other seafood products. Based out of the southern Italian region of Calabria, Callipo sources the finest Ventresca yellow-fin tuna filets it in olive oil.


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