Callipo Tuna Bottarga

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$135.00 500 gr


Bottarga di Tonno also known as Tuna Bottarga is a lovingly pressed and slightly salted delicacy. They are tuna eggs, which have been expertly processed and seasoned.

This highly luxurious product, which has an intense taste and is greatly esteemed by experts, comes in slabs.

Suggestion: It can be steamed with garlic or even sliced very finely, "rested" in olive oil for a day or two and then served on a thin slice of hot toasted bread with or without a sliver of Parmigiano Reggiano. Bottarga is also often served with olive oil or lemon juice as an appetizer accompanied by bread or crostini, or used in pasta dishes.

17.6 ounce (500 gram) - WEIGHT APPROXIMATES


Packaging: Vacuumed-sealed Plastic

Product of Italy


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