Mother of Pearl Spoons - 2 Piece

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$25.00 2 Piece


As any self-respecting text regarding caviar will tell the consumer, this most precious food must be savored before any other food and must therefore come strictly at the start of the meal. Above all, it must not be contaminated by other flavors which may be released even by metal spoons, including silver ones. The only metal recommended seems to be gold, according to the tradition of the Tsars, but in any case finding a set of 6 or 12 golden spoons is no easy task, especially in terms of cost.

That is why Alma Gourmet has chosen the noble mother of pearl for its elegantly shaped spoons with very fine smooth edges which will not break the precious eggs. The spoons should be hand-washed with a gentle detergent and they must be used carefully as the long handle is rather fragile.

Includes 2 Spoons

Product of U.S.A.


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