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Small Sicilian Cannoli Shells - 144 Pieces

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$68.95 Case of 144


Small Sicilian Cannoli Shells

Cannoli are Italian pastries originating from the island of Sicily, consisting of tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough, generally filled with a sweet creamy ricotta cheese, a staple of the Sicilian cuisine, and garnished with chocolate chips or pistachio grain. The size, fillings and decorations of Cannoli vary in different parts of Sicily. The name "Cannolo" comes from "Canna", the river reeds that were cut into sections and used as a mold to fry the pastry shells. Nowadays, metal tubes are used instead to shape them.

Pagef Small Sicilian Cannoli Shells consists of a box of 144 cannoli shells ready to fill. These cannoli shells boast a light, flaky consistency that complements cannoli cream perfectly. Fill Cannoli Shells with ricotta cheese cream, custard or ice cream to make an authentic Italian dessert perfect for every dinner or party.

Imported from Modica, Sicily


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Small Sicilian Cannoli Shells - 144 Pieces