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Pane Guttiatu Strips

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The bread ´Guttiatu´ is obtained adding a little extra-virgin olive oil on a slice of traditional bread ´Carasatu´ and salt; all toasted in the oven for a few minutes.

Pane Carasatu is a millennial tradition which combines the sun, the land and the grain with the wise mankind's work, the flour and the clear spring waters. The Carasatu bread originates from Nuoro: the shepherds used to spend long periods alone in the fold, in the countryside, far away from home, so they needed a type of bread that could last longer.

Suggestion: Well-known with the name "Carta da Musica", the thin sheets of Carasatu bread are an ideal companion for pork products, cheeses and fish starters.

5.3 ounce (150 gram)

Ingredients: Flour and bran of durum wheat, water, salt marine, natural yeast, extra virgin olive oil

Packaging: Carton Tray

Region: Sardinia

Product of Italy


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Pane Guttiatu Strips