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Pandoro Bonifanti

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Pandoro Bonifanti

Pandoro Bonifanti is a soft dough according to the traditional veronese recipe to sprinkle with impalpable icing sugar. Pandoro has similar nutritional characteristics to panettone and for this reason, it must be consumed with moderation and preferably between meals. Pandora contains more butter and eggs but the differences are not substantial.


Pandoro is brown outside, while the inside remains light yellow ("golden"); the pigmentation is uniform and only the possible addition of icing sugar changes its appearance.pandoro Bonifanti has a leavened dough type very similar to that of a bread, which is made from wheat flour, adding yeast (sourdough or beer), baking in an oven at high temperatures and relative activation of maillard reactions (cooking sugars, cooking proteins, cooking fats ). Furthermore, like panettone, pandoro contains eggs, sugar, and butter (animal or cocoa ).Pandoro has a sweet taste with vanilla flavoring; the texture is soft, more friable than elastic and with a brown but very thin and soft crust.


Pandoro, calories and nutritional values 

Nutritional values per 100 grams of the product

  • Calories: 390 kcal

  • water: 26.90 g.

  • carbohydrates: 45.20 g.

  • proteins: 8.40 g.

  • fats: 19.70 g.

  • calcium: 149 mg.

  • iron: 3 mg.

  • phosphorus: 130 mg.



Pandoro Bonifanti ingredients: the ingredients of the "classic" pandoro are few and rather simple to find:


  • White wheat flour type "00" 280g,

  • Granulated sugar 80g,

  • Butter 180g,

  • 10g beer yeast,

  • Vanilla qb,

  • Salt 1 outlet,

  • Egg yolks no. 3,

  • Whole eggs n ° 2,

  • Icing sugar

Nutritional properties

Pandoro is a leavened cake made from wheat flour, which is why (containing gluten ) its use in the diet of celiac is excluded. Furthermore, the pandora that contains animal butter and not cocoa butter (as well as any cream fillings), are not recommended for all those who show lactose intolerance.

The energy supply of the pandoro is very high, therefore (as for the panettone) it is recommended a sporadic use and (possibly) limited to the period of the winter festivities. The caloric amount is mainly supported by simple and complex carbohydrates and fat (saturated and unsaturated ); the proteins are not many and biochemically have average characteristics (wheat) and high (eggs and yolks) biological value.

Even if unspecified, the supply of cholesterol and saturated fats (from eggs, egg yolks, and butter) of the pandoro should be quite consistent.The intake of vitamins and mineral salts is not clear but it is conceivable that the presence of yolks and whole eggs gives the cake a good amount of iron.    

How to stuff Pandoro Bonifanti

Being a confectionery product, the simplest and quickest solution is to garnish the advanced pandoro with sweet creams. In particular, children will love the snack and breakfast with pandoro slices accompanied by a cream spread with hazelnuts or homemade chocolate cream.However in reality, pandoro can be considered an excellent base for the preparation of sweets and desserts to bring to the table to cheer up the parties and offer an original dessert to their guests.

With a little time and passion, you can also decorate the advanced pandoro with whipped cream or chocolate ganache. Once stuffed, put the pandoro in the refrigerator until ready to serve the dessert.

Pandoro Bonifanti is a traditional dessert and cannot be missed on christmas tables. On the market, if you don't have the time and desire to wear the apron for the holidays, there is also a gluten-free version for the intolerant, equally good and sweet. In this case, of course, you will also have to be careful with the filling and use the gluten-free products for the creams.

Pandoro is also excellent to simply garnish with jams for breakfast. If you have some time, you can make very tasty cakes or sweets with fruit jams. You can also use the pandoro base as a sponge cake to be covered with jam and fruit.Without cutting, it is possible to make the pandoro even softer and flavored with orange or limoncello liquor. Its traditional shape lends itself particularly well to the realization of a scenographic dessert: just cut the pandoro horizontally to create star-shaped layers to be presented separately or stack slice on a slice with the filling inside.

Another delicious cream ideal for filling pandoro slices is ricotta-based, which can be enriched with many different ingredients. You can prepare an aromatic cream with candied fruits and ricotta, add jams or make it delicious by adding drops of dark chocolate.With whole milk, cream, and a simple orange or mandarin peel, you can make a very creamy mousse, then add some chopped almonds that give that sweet crunchy touch.

If you want an even more delicious recipe, then you can make a filling with custard or chantilly cream, enriched with blackberries or strawberries, with mascarpone cream, or even with ice cream.

How to stuff Pandoro Bonifanti with mascarpone

One of the most classic, easy and tasty preparations, is that of pandoro with mascarpone cream. This delicate and velvety cream goes particularly well with pandoro, as it is also now traditionally used during christmas.Stuff the pandoro with mascarpone cream. Sprinkle the cinnamon onto the pandoro and the layers of mascarpone cream. If your cake is intended for adults, you can add a few drops of marsala to the cream or make a syrup to make pandoro softer.If, on the other hand, there are children among your guests, choose a chocolate pairing for your mascarpone cream. Then decorate the pandoro stuffed with fresh fruit, candied fruit, chocolate chips or other ingredients of your choice.An idea is to make single portions or desserts to keep in the fridge: in this way, you will always have a dessert ready to offer. The result will be excellent, just like a pastry dessert!


Soft dough, according to the traditional recipe from Verona, to be sprinkled with powdered sugar and made only with natural yeast without any addition of brewer’s yeast. Precious ingredients, cooled at room temperature and hand-wrapped.

The origin of Bonifanti products comes from Piemonte, with its history, with some of its ingredients, and with a culture of artisan and with a flair for doing well.

1.65 pound (750 gram)

Ingredients: Wheat flour, pasteurized eggs, sugar, butter, whole fresh pasteurised milk, natural yeast, fructose, mono and di-glycerides of fatty acids as emulsifier, cocoa butter, salt, flavors - Icing Packet Ingredients: sugar, wheat starch, flavors.

Packaging: Plastic wrap with a beautiful finish wrap and bow

Season: In stock from November until January

Region: Piedmont

Product of Italy



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Pandoro Bonifanti