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Piadina Romagnola Lunch Kit | Ultimate Italian Snack Pack

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$32.41 Bundle


The Snack Pack Includes:

  • *  (1) 4-count pack of Piadina Flatbread
  • *  (1) 4oz pack of Veroni Sliced Prociutto
  • *  (1) 200gr pack of Stracchino Cheese by Nonno Nanni

What was originally a family staple has become a popular Italian street food, sold by street-side kiosks to hungry passers-by.

The piadina is a classic unleavened flat bread that has been made in Romagna since the Middle Ages and can be thought of as a symbolic food of that region. A street food ahead of its time, piadina can be stuffed with just about any ingredient – vegetables, meats, cheeses, or fish – and the result is always amazing. 

Every street corner in Romagna has a trattoria or food cart making this local favorite. The irresistible traditional kind is fluffy and flavored with lard, the fat that permeates the flour. Piadina connoisseurs choose the classic sandwich stuffed with squacquerone or stracchino cheese, prosciutto, and arugula. The beauty of this food is the opportunity to choose something different and more delicious each time. 

To bring a staple of authentic Italian gastronomy and history, we specifically assembled the ultimate Lunch kit with all the essentials you'll need to satisfy your cravings. These specialties are made with fresh ingredients and authentic Italian-made. Comes complete with everything you need to create the ultimate yet elegantly delectable Piadina Sandwich Lunch, whenever or wherever you are!

It’s the perfect lunch kit easy-to-prepare, and ready on-the-go!


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Piadina Romagnola Lunch Kit | Ultimate Italian Snack Pack