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Shelled Sicilian Pistachios Jar 100gr

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$15.95 3.5oz (100g)

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The Sciara Shelled Sicilian Pistachio is a 100% natural product, without any kind of addition.

Sciara Shelled Sicilian Pistachios are, in fact, neither toasted nor salted, but simply dried, shelled and stored in special temperature-controlled areas.
These shelled Sicilian Pistachios, with their unique and intense taste, do not require any toasting or addition of salt and are perfect for use in cooking and confectionery.
The shelled Sicilian Pistachio Siciliano di Sciara is a simple, natural and healthy product to enjoy as a nutritious snack or to use as a precious ingredient in cooking.
Once you have opened the jar, we recommend that you keep the peeled Sicilian Pistachio in the refrigerator inside the same jar.
The 100 grams of our peeled Pistachio is suitable for air travel with hand luggage.

Ingredients: 100% Pistachio.
(Allergens present are highlighted in italics).
Gluten and milk free

Nutritional characteristics (average values per 100 g):
Calories 622 Kcal/2581 KJ, Fats 50.6 g, Saturated fats 11.11 g, Carbohydrates 17.5 g, Sugars 4.1 g, Protein 24.1 g, Fibre 10.3 g Sodium 0.005 g.

Store in a cool and dry place and away from light.


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Shelled Sicilian Pistachios Jar 100gr