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Appennino Summer Truffle Butter

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Black Summer Truffle Butter

Black truffle butter is a wonderful creation, born from the love of truffles for salt and fat. Black summer truffle butter is made from the finest italian butter with the highest aromatic black truffles (tuber aestivum vitt.). The butter is characterized by a strong aroma and a unique natural taste. the visual aspect is negligible, the sensory analysis is the most important and allows us to memorize the sensations in terms of taste.

The popularity of the truffle butter is due to the ease of production and processing in the kitchen. It can be made from truffle remnants of whole truffles, and the proportion of truffles contained in the butter, and thus the intensity of the taste, can be chosen freely.Every time you have a craving for this special ingredient, you can simply get it out of the freezer and spoil your guests!

During production, butter is mixed with truffles and other spices at room temperature. This is usually unsalted and high-fat butter used because for the optimum result you spice it with your own sea salt or truffle salt. This serves to intensify the taste. Both white and black truffles can be used in production. There are no new costs when working with truffles. Just pick up the leftovers with the shell and use it in the next preparation, because they are just as aromatic as the pulp.

The proportion of truffles can be varied according to personal taste. The more truffles, the more spirited the taste. Thereafter, as with any truffle storage, the finished product is kept refrigerated and dark.

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There are various suppliers of truffle butter in the trade, so the proportion of truffles varies considerably. It starts at 5% truffles, is usually 10-15% fresh truffle content and increases up to 20%. Even online, there are all providers, so you have to inform yourself in advance and decide on the best option.

It is important to ensure that the product contains as little as possible any artificial flavor because the falsification of the unmistakable smell is widespread among manufacturers. Also, it should be made with high-quality truffles, instead of cheap chinese truffles.


The storage of the butter is, in contrast to the storage of fresh truffles, practical and straightforward. Chilled and dark, the truffle butter, even a few days after its own production, can be enjoyed and frozen even for a few months. Commercially purchased truffle butter has like any product is best before the date and is usually stable in the closed packaging for a long time.


The truffle butter enhances all kinds of food, as well as fresh truffles. Whether in the sauce or painted directly. Here are some ideas:

•            mixed with different sauces for pasta with a touch of parmesan

•            makes the mashed potatoes creamier

•            goes well with rice dishes, best with basmati rice and risotto

•            just put on a toasted baguette and enjoy

•            working into the finished scrambled eggs makes the whole thing juicier

•            at the next barbecue let a slice of truffle butter melt on the hot steak


It can be spread on toast or crumbs, it is also excellent to mix only with mashed potatoes or steak flavor.

Shelf life: 36 months. After opening, store in the refrigerator for 5-7 days

Ingredients: butter, black truffle (tuber aestivum vitt.) 6%, cheese, preservative: lysozyme (from eggs) salt, truffle flavor

Nutritional values average x 100 g

Energy               2962.15 kj

Energy kcal             708 kcal

Total fats             77.68 g

Saturated           45.14 g

Carbohydrates    1.06 g

Sugars                1.06 g

Proteins              1.23 g

Salt                     0.79 g

Directions for use: condiment for pasta dishes, eggs and meat characterized by a marked delicacy. Just a few grams per portion (about 8/10 g) are sufficient for all types of recipes.


Love for the land. Passion for nature. Care for well-made things. Long term experience producing excellent quality products to turn every single meal into a glorification of pleasure. This is Appennino Food.

1.7 ounce (50 gram)

Ingredients: Clarified butter, freezed dried summer truffle, flavoring and salt

Packaging: Glass Jar

Region: Emilia-Romagna

Product of Italy


5/5 based on 2 ratings
  • Anne M. - May 20, 2023
    This is a most excellent truffle butter, it lasts forever refrigerated, and imparts pure truffle flavor to any dish! Beautiful product!
  • Sandra S. - Mar 09, 2018
    I really enjoyed using this truffle butter. I used it on pasta and it gave the pasta a great flavor. It is an excellent product..
Appennino Summer Truffle Butter