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Terre di Tartufo White Butter with Truffle

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White Truffle Butter 

White Truffle Butter is produced by adding White Truffle and White Truffle Aroma to the Butter. At first, the Butter produced in dairies in the Province of L'Aquila, in the Alta Montagna pastures, is infused with the aroma of white truffle and fresh white truffle. Secondly, it is put into jars with the use of automatic machines. The gustatory analysis reveals the consistency of the product and the excellent aftertaste of the white truffle, coming from the infusion of Butter and white truffle aroma. The product never comes into contact with hands thanks to the latest machinery and in compliance with the set regulations. It contains neither preservatives nor dyes nor gluten sources.

How to use: 

Ready to use product. The butter is a fat suitable for quick cooking, to thicken, cream and give a soft and creamy consistency to various preparations. 

  • Use in the kitchen:  Aperitifs, Appetizers, First courses,  second courses, desserts

  • Half-life:  24 months

  • Storage:  Fresh and Dry Place, once opened keep refrigerated

  • Packaging:  12 pcs- primary packaging in a glass jar

  • Net weight: 14 0-500 gr

Organoleptic characteristics


Color                          Various shades of white and hazelnut

Flavor                Truffle

Appearance        Solid


Nutritional values

Controlled parameters Average values per 100 g of product

Unit of measure

Total fats                         83                        g / 100 g

- of which acids                58                      g / 100 g

Carbohydrates             1.1                         g / 100 g

- of which sugars             1.1                      g / 100 g

Protein                                 0.4                       g / 100 g

salt                                       0.02                 g / 100 g


Store in a cool,  dry place. Once opened, store + 2 ° / + 4 ° and consume within 30 days.

The visual aspect is negligible, the sensory analysis is the most important and allows us to memorize the sensations in terms of taste.

The Butter with high-quality white truffle can be used in many ways. The dominant truffle aroma gives dishes such as risotto and purees a certain extra, but butter with white truffle is a treat for paste, meat, and fish.


Recipe with white truffle butter


  • Kosher salt
  • 1/2 cup of cream

  • 85g of white truffle butter

  • Freshly ground black pepper

  • 1 pack (230g) of tagliatelle or other types of egg fettuccine

  • 3 tablespoons of fresh chopped chives

  • 85g of Parmesan, in thin flakes



  • Boil a pot of water and add a tablespoon of salt.
  • Meanwhile, in a large pan (12 inches), heat the cream over medium heat and bring to a boil. Add the truffle butter, 1 teaspoon of salt and 1/2 teaspoon of pepper, lower the heat to a minimum and mix the butter, letting it melt. Keep warm at very low heat.

  • Add the pasta in boiling water and cook for exactly 3 minutes (if you do not use Cipriani pasta, follow the instructions on the package). When cooked, set 1/2 cup of cooking water aside and drain the pasta. Pour the drained pasta into the pan and mix with the truffle butter. The pasta will absorb the cream, then pour a little cooking water to keep it creamy.

  • Serve in soup plates and garnish with a handful of chives and Parmesan flakes. Season with salt and pepper and serve immediately.



The White Truffle Butter is made with milk cream from high quality breeding, mixed with black summer truffle. Although this is one of the products created at the beginning of the Terre di Tartufo’s company, it is still a big success today.

Suggestion: White Truffle Butter is an extremely versatile dressing, it is very suitable for quick preparations. Melted in a pan but not fried, it is an ideal base for dressing in a delicate way all dry, fresh and filled pasta.

8.5 ounce (240 gram)

Ingredients: Butter, summer truffle 2.9%, flavoring, preservative E200

Packaging: Glass Jar

Region: Emilia-Romagna

Product of Italy


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Terre di Tartufo White Butter with Truffle