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Cruskees Crusco Pepper Non-Spicy Chips LARGE

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What are Cruskees

Cruskees - Peperoni Cruschi are not hot pepper crusher chips.

Product with an intense and enveloping taste, born from the processing of "Peperone Crusco", a prominent food of the cultural and gastronomic tradition of Basilicata. The raw material is rigorously selected and the production processes checked to guarantee naturalness and freshness. The Cruskees, being a naturally simple product and consisting of only 3 ingredients, is free of allergens and therefore suitable for all consumers. It is also without added preservatives, gluten-free or GMO-free


100% Italian,  All-Natural,  NON-Spicy,  Gluten-Free

Cruskees are a simple snack, consisting of 3 ingredients: crusco pepper, oil and salt.


What Is Crusco Pepper?

The Pepper Crusco is a prominent food of the cultural and gastronomic tradition of Basilicata, this vegetable is appreciated for its sweet taste and intense color, which make it a privileged ingredient for the preparation of numerous Lucanian dishes. Easy to preserve and pleasant to the taste, it is a true delicacy of the Italian culinary history.

The origins of Pepper Crusco date back to the 16th and 17th centuries, when the vegetable spread in the Lucan area and there it found the optimal conditions to grow. Thanks to successive selections, this pepper is today different from all the others both in the form (goat's horn, pointed, trunk or hooked) and in taste (characterized by a sweet note). Its dimensions are large, the flesh is particularly thin and its color is purple red.

It is dried and made the typical necklaces serte and, once dehydrated, it is ready for frying.


How to eat Cruskees

The Cruskees are a very versatile and excellent product to be enjoyed as a snack thanks to the intense, crunchy and light taste. They can also be combined with meat, cold cuts, cheeses and accompanied by a good glass of red wine or a beer. The ideal food for a gourmetaperitif or for exclusive dinners with an authentic flavor.








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Cruskees Crusco Pepper Non-Spicy Chips LARGE