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La Rosa del Veneto Pink Radicchio

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La Rosa del Veneto Pink Radicchio

La Rosa del Veneto Pink Radicchio, in Italy, also known as Pink chicory, is chicory with loose leaves and does not form a compact bud. This chicory with a characteristic bitterish taste and a red-purple color is among the most well-known typical products of the Veneto region, so much so that it has obtained the PGI recognition. 

With the cold arrival, it is time to bring typically winter products to the tables; among the vegetables, radicchio is one of the protagonists.



This radicchio as you can guess from the name is characterized by pink shades that color the leaves making it unique within the family. On the palate it is delicate but crunchy, with a slightly bitter taste balanced by a sweet note; ideal for tasty salads or paired with all meat and fish dishes as a salad and seasoned to taste. Undoubtedly, it can find ground in haute cuisine, because, thanks to the unique color and shape that resembles the bud of a flower, it is an interesting element of decoration and embellishment of the dishes.


Taste and appearance

La Rosa del Veneto Pink Radicchio turns your boring side dish into a color and taste explosion. It has the color pink and the shape of a rose, but it's not a flower. With a taste combining delicacy, sweetness and a touch of bitterness, this sort of radicchio is delicious in a salad made with a small balsamic vinaigrette and goes perfectly with pear, gorgonzola, raisins or even brie. Enough to give lots of ideas for delicious spring dishes.

The pink salad leaves of La Rosa del Veneto pink radicchio remind of small roses. Its beautiful Millennial color gets the salad naturally during the aging process.

La Rosa del Veneto Pink Radicchio tastes similar to normal radicchio salad bitter and slightly spicy, so it goes great with other, milder types of salad. Finely chopped, it can also be used to flavor pasta and rice dishes. 


Production of La Rosa del Veneto pink radicchio

The marketing period runs from November to March. And for Valentine's Day, why not, it could be an original alternative to the classic bouquet... Starting in mid-August and onwards, start with pre-cultivation and planting early autumn. It takes about 4 months from seed to harvest.

It should have uniform watering and the most critical period is about 10-14 days before maturation. If the plants do not get enough water, the leaves can taste bitter. Harvest when the leaves are soft and before the stalk begins to form.

 The fruit of the cold winter temperatures, this very particular variety of radicchio must go through a very long processing phase before it can land on our tables with its characteristic petal shape. Await punctually rewarded by its intense and slightly bitter taste.


Use in the kitchen

Beautiful and romantic like the well-known flower, but tastier. La Rosa del Veneto Pink Radicchio is one of the most appreciated culinary excellence of Veneto.

Very nice and different pink color with white leaf nerves. This variety has a mild taste and not so bitter. It will, for the sake of the beautiful color, mature in cool and cold weather. 

Excellent for a fresh-colored salad to accompany fish hors d'oeuvres and meat tartare. It is widely used as an element to contain for example shrimp cocktails in pink sauce, to bowl fried shrimp tails or for scampi and other shellfish.

The leaf remains particularly crunchy and its gentle, slightly bitter taste makes this radicchio ideal for wrapping meat tartare or knife-wrapped meat from noble breeds. It does not lend itself much to risottos or other recipes in which it is used in cooking, but it becomes excellent for filling delicious club sandwiches and coloring your dishes with suggestive harmonies. It is also pleasant to accompany delicate and creamy cheeses such as Crescenza, stracchino, Casatella Trevigiana DOP or fresh Piedmontese robiola. 



It can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 weeks. 


La Rosa del Veneto pink radicchio: a quick recipe


Omlette with pink radicchio

A simple omelette stuffed with La Rosa del Veneto Pink Radicchio in its rarest and most prized variety. It is possible to find it only in a very limited period: from mid/late winter to early spring. Its bitterish flavor brings characteristic sweet notes and can be tasted very well accompanied by a simple omelet. By adding a little flaky pecorino cheese, you get a delicious dish.


Ingredients ( 2 people)

  • 4 eggs

  • 1 head of La Rosa del Veneto pink radicchio

  • 100 gr of Sardinian pecorino

  • 1 knob of butter

  • salt to taste

  • pepper to taste

  • to taste extra virgin olive oil



  • Grate the Sardinian pecorino cheese in flakes.

  • Cut La Rosa del Veneto pink radicchio into strips.

  • Cook it in a pan with a knob of butter for no more than 5 minutes.

  • Season with salt and pepper.

  • Remove from the heat and keep aside.

  • In a bowl peel 2 eggs and beat them lightly, add a spoonful of cold water, salt, and pepper.

  • In a pan, pour a drizzle of oil and, once hot, pour the beaten eggs.

  • Cook the omelet so that it remains dry below and soft above.

  • On half distribute the pecorino, La Rosa del Veneto Pink Radicchio and then fold it.

  • Slide it onto a hot serving dish.

  • Repeat the process with the other 2 eggs.

  • Serve hot.

The flavor of radicchio, with its unmistakable bitter notes and a surprisingly sweet, almost floral aftertaste. The Venetian pink radicchio is normally used for salads, where its crunchy or cooked consistency is fully appreciated and it adds value to the appearance and greater complexity to the flavor of different dishes. A true rising star of the international culinary scene, another example of how the Made in Italy specialties never cease to amaze the whole world.

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Ingredients: Pink radicchio

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La Rosa del Veneto Pink Radicchio