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Scarola Romane

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Scarola Romane


Scarola Romane is autumn-winter lettuce typical of the Mediterranean basin, belonging to the Asteraceae family. It is often confused with chicory for its slightly bitter taste. It is distinguished by the smoothest, hairless, ruffled leaves that make up a rosette.                                                                                

Scarola Romane has very jagged leaves that grow in clumps in some varieties. It is a plant widespread throughout the Mediterranean area. It was already known in the times of the Greeks and Romans who appreciated both its taste and purifying properties.

This vegetable is cultivated throughout Italy, although the regions where this crop is most intensive are Puglia, Lombardy, Veneto, Lazio, Marche, and Tuscany. Being cultivated in various qualities that ripen at different times, Scarola Romane is available on the markets throughout the year.




Scarola Romane boasts innumerable health properties due to a large amount of water, vitamins, and fibers present, in particular inulin. Vitamins are also present in high quantities, in particular: vitamin A, useful for vision and a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C and vitamin K. Among the vegetables, Scarola Romane contains the highest amount of folic acid, which is why it is highly recommended in pregnancy and for the well-being of the cardiovascular system.

Among the mineral salts, however, those most contained (especially in escarole) are potassium, iron, and calcium; these nutrients make this vegetable ideal for sports nutrition.

Due to the high amount of water contained that stimulates diuresis and the low-calorie content, Scarola Romane is recommended in low-calorie diets, also for its ability to increase the sense of satiety and to counter the need to take sugars thanks to the action of the bitter taste.


How to use Scarola Romane in the kitchen?

Let's start with the combinations that can be made in the kitchen to create light and delicious appetizers with Scarola Romane. The first idea is a warm appetizer of Scarola Romane, fennel and carrots, a dish that takes very little time and will ensure you taste and lightness. If you are looking for an even more refined flavor you can prepare a delicious mini Tatin with onions and Scarola Romane, delicious and refined. If you are looking for a companatico that can accompany a plate of cold cuts and cheeses, the ideal could be a focaccia with Scarola Romane to make in the oven or a Tarte Tatin with bacon.

Now let's move on to the first courses, starting with penne with Scarola Romane, butter and walnuts, a simple and very quick dish to prepare. This vegetable goes very well with first fish dishes (you can prepare it with tuna, capers, and olives), but also with meat, combined with sausage and brie cheese.

If we talk about second courses and delicious side dishes the panorama widens even more. The Scarola Romane goes very well with shallots, with speck, walnuts, and artichokes, with a refined sauté of prawns and oranges, paired with baked potatoes and sausage, with red mullet and apples, braised with walnuts or au gratin with bechamel sauce. Even on its own, the Scarola Romane can be prepared simply and tasty. Also grilled in combination with other vegetables or stewed for an even stronger flavor.

Scarola Romane variety is particularly widespread in the southern regions, where among other preparations it is also used for the famous pizza di scarole.

Scarola Romane contains about 95% water, and is very rich in vitamin C and vitamin B9, is also rich in fibers that give the characteristic crispness to the stems and provides only 10 kcalories per 100 grams of edible product.

Scarola Romane can be kept at home in the refrigerator, in the vegetable compartment, for 1 or 2 days at most, before eating it raw in a salad or cooked in combination with many other ingredients. Scarola Romane lends itself exceptionally well to the preparation of many recipes, for example, in combination with tuna and capers and ham.


Storage and additional information

Scarola Romane at the time of purchase must be chosen with great care: it is advisable to avoid portions with blackened edges and dark and withered tufts; the leaves must be fresh, fleshy and crisp, the color bright and the head white or pink in the part of the cut. After purchase, it is important to wash the vegetable thoroughly with cold water and baking soda to eliminate any harmful elements.

Scarola Romane can be kept in the refrigerator for about five days wrapped in paper towels. If cooked, storage lasts up to seven days. As for nutritional properties, curly endive contains a smaller amount of mineral salts while escarole is less digestible, as it is rich in cellulose and chlorophyll.

Scarola is a kind of lettuce with large and long tender leaves

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Scarola Romane