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Monograno Felicetti Kamut Spaghetti Pasta – 17.6oz (500 g)

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$7.95 17.6oz (500g)

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Monograno Felicetti Kamut Spaghetti Pasta – 17.6oz (500 g)

Khorasan/KAMUT® is a variety of durum wheat that is grown today in Saskatchewan, Canada, and Montana, with a sweet, nutty and buttery flavor. When cooked, this type of wheat releases a gentle fragrance of white flowers and pine nuts. 

An intriguing blend of the most classic shape and the unique texture of Kamut-Khorasan wheat: these spaghetti are truly versatile and comfortable with all cooking techniques and recipes. 

About Monograno Felicetti

Monograno Felicetti is one of the premier pasta in Italy and it is used by the best Chefs throughout Italy and the world.

Monograno Felicetti uses a single type of wheat and grinds it into flour with minimal processing, to preserve its distinctive natural qualities and produce a healthy, safe and delicious pasta. 

Mongrano Felicetti pasta’s main ingredients are the pure and uncontaminated water that streams from the spring directly into the pasta factory, and the pristine and unpolluted air of the Dolomites, two ingredients that you can smell from the steaming pot of boiling water when you cook this pasta. 

Throughout 4 generations of artisanal pasta making, Felicetti has created the perfect pasta “al dente” that never over cooks, never sticks, and never boils over, which is one of the main trademarks of this pasta.

17.6oz (500g)

IngredientsOrganic KAMUT® Khorasan Wheat Semolina, Water.

Product of Italy


USDA Organic



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Monograno Felicetti Kamut Spaghetti Pasta – 17.6oz (500 g)