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Fresh Porcini Mushrooms

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Fresh Porcini Mushrooms

With their brown hat and white-brown color, porcini mushrooms form a section in the genus Boletus. The name of the mushroom is that the meat of the boletus is stronger than other mushrooms. Porcini mushrooms can not be grown since it can only grow wild in the forest, resulting in the often high selling price. the mini-season for this mushroom is between July and October while the main season is in September and October.

There are two types of porcini mushrooms: the summer cep, which grows from May to July under deciduous trees, such as beech, oak or sweet chestnut. In the autumn, mushrooms can be found. They grow under pines and spruces, ie in shady places in the forest.

If you want to find porcini mushrooms, you should get up early. Because most mushroom pickers are already in the forest at sunrise. The mushrooms grow best during rainy days and mild temperatures. When you have found a fungus, carefully turn it out of the earth instead of cutting it off with a knife. This makes it possible to determine the mushrooms even more precisely, as some of the characteristics are found in the tuber of the mushroom. Free the mushrooms directly on the spot from dirt and possibly seized places. It is best to collect the mushrooms in a basket. So they last longer and can not be crushed.

Tip: You should not consume more than 200 g of wild mushrooms per day as they may contain heavy metals such as cadmium and lead. Therefore, pregnant women, nursing women, and children should not consume any wild mushrooms at all.

Storage of porcini mushrooms

Porcini mushrooms can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days. However, they taste best fresh after the harvest. For this, they should be roasted or pickled, because they must not be eaten raw.

If you want to keep boletus longer, you can freeze porcini mushrooms. If the fresh porcini mushrooms are briefly blanched, they can then be frozen in a suitable container for up to half a year.

Dried Porcini Mushrooms:

If you want to dry porcini mushrooms yourself, you can clean and slice the mushrooms. Then place on a baking sheet with baking paper and dry in the oven at 80 degrees for two hours. Keep the oven door slightly open so that water vapor can escape. Then put the mushrooms in a storage jar.

If you don't want to collect porcini mushrooms, buy dried porcini mushrooms online at alma gourmet. However, these must be soaked before use. For this purpose, the mushrooms are placed overnight in a bowl of warm water. So they become soft again and unfold their aroma. The soaking water can then simply be added to the dish or used to cook broths or soups. 250 grams of fresh porcini mushrooms yield about 25 grams of dried porcini mushrooms. That is, even if the package looks small, small amounts are enough for a meal.

For vegetarians, porcini mushrooms are interesting, because they can be breaded well and are such a good meat substitute. In addition to about 90 percent, porcini mushrooms contain water, vitamins B, K, D, and potassium.

Nutrition facts per 100 g of porcini mushrooms

ingredient  amount

calories  20 kcal

protein  4 g

fat  0 g

carbohydrates  1 g

potassium  330 mg

Vitamin B 2  370 μg

Vitamin B 3  4,900 μg

Vitamin B 5  2700 μg

Vitamin D  3 μg

Clean and prepare porcini mushrooms

To clean, simply use a mushroom brush or kitchen towel to remove soil. Remove stubborn residues with a little water and then dry the mushrooms. Then cut off the Stilenden and halve mushrooms to discover any lazy areas and remove them.


Porcini mushrooms, with their slightly nutty flavor, soothe soups, risotto, noodles, sauces, and vegetarian dishes. They also go well with roasted meat. Porcini mushrooms taste particularly delicious when fried in butter all around. Seasoned with onions or garlic and parsley, they taste best.

Fresh porcini mushrooms for dinner-reciepe


  1. 300 g Fresh mushrooms

  2. 20 g dairy butter

  3. 20 g Bacon smoked and diced

  4. 1 small onion, diced

  5. 20 g diced ham

  6. 2 pinches salt

  7. 1 pinch Black pepper from the mill

  8. 1 pinch chili flakes

  9. 1 bunch Chopped parsley

  10. 2 slices farmers bread

  11. Butter for brushing

1. Clean the mushrooms and cut them into bite-sized pieces. Melt the butter in a large pan and fry the bacon cubes in it, add the onion cubes and also the porcini mushrooms. Fry in medium heat and add the ham cubes and about half of the chopped parsley to the mushrooms.

2.Fry until all the liquid has evaporated and the mushrooms begin to take on color. Now season with pepper, salt, and chili flakes and simmer until an appetizing golden yellow color is reached. Remove the pan from the heat and sprinkle the mushrooms with the remaining parsley.

3. Butter the slices of bread, sprinkle with a little salt and serve with the fried porcini mushrooms.

The Porcini Mushrooms (Boletus Edulis) are plump as a little pig or “porcino” in Italian. Known for their subtle, distinctive flavor, these delectable mushrooms are among the most sought after of all mushrooms. A rich meaty flavored mushroom that has a large, round cap that is pale yellowish brown to dark reddish brown in color and grows 2 to 8 inches in width. The cap and stem have a firm, thick, white flesh with a distinctive and assertive flavor.

Suggestion: Excellent used in soups, sauces, stuffing, fish and other dishes.

1 pound (454 gram)

Season: Available during Fall and Spring, September to November and March or April.




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  • Paul T. - Nov 28, 2022
    Packaged well, that maintained firmness and good smell. We had great tagliatelle with fresh porcini and cream !
  • Karl K. - Oct 28, 2020
    1lb were shipped on a Wednesday, delivered on Friday, stored per Alma's instructions--in the fridge in a paper bag changing the unbleached paper towels they were wrapped in twice in 24 hrs--and consumed on a Saturday. Every minute out of the ground counts, so I would highly recommend paying extra for overnight service instead of two day. To compliment Alma in the best way, these were moderately small in size which is a good thing because too big is actually increases the chances of worms, which are a distinct possibility. I've foraged/found/eaten these in Europe so I do know a little bit about them. Upon receiving, I immediately peeled the bottoms and inspected for worms. In the whole pound I found only one with worms in the bottom of the base only, and cut them out, preventing them to spreading to others in storage. I just wish I could depend on UPS/FedEx to get them here before 8pm so I could overnight, receive and eat on the same day.
  • James F. - Oct 24, 2018
    Luscious! They are carefully packed to preserve their freshness/flavor. Pricey but wholly worth it. As good as you can find in the U.S.
Fresh Porcini Mushrooms